Department of Indian Affairs

Program Name Total Amount Allocated Federal State Other Recurring Health Educated Safe Supported Involved
Acoma Pueblo Boys & Girls Club $25,000.00 X     X X        
Cochiti Pueblo Multiuse Facility & Cultural Ctr. $100,000.00 X X   X X        
Laguna Pueblo P/D Swimming Pool $25,000.00 X       X        
San Ildefonso Pueblo Wellness Ctr. $50,000.00 X X   X X        
Sandia Pueblo Health Ctr. $120,000.00 X     X X        
Tohatchi Skateboard Park $210,000.00 X       X        
Crownpoint Wellness Center $450,000.00 X X   X X        
Santa Ana Pueblo Fire & Emergency Facility $365,000.00     X            
Shiprock Home for Women & Children $1,142,500.00     X X          
Tohatchi Chapter Powerline Extension $80,000.00     X            
Nageezi Chapter Powerline Extension $50,000.00     X            
Breadsprings Powerline Extension $114,000.00     X            
White Rock Powerline Extension (2007) $50,000.00     X            
Torreon Chapter Police Substation $82,000.00     X            
Pinedale Chapter Powerline Extension (2008) $35,000.00     X            
Lake Valley Chapter Powerline Extension $40,000.00     X            
Picuris Pueblo Electrtical System Upgrade $50,000.00     X            
Zia Pueblo Housing Development Project $49,875.00     X X          
Ft. Defiance Chapter Road Improvement Project $60,767.00     X            
Church Rock Chapter Powerline Extension $300,000.00     X            
Mescelaro Housing Development Project $340,702.00     X X          
Pojoaque Pueblo Housing Project $380,150.00     X X          
White Rock Powerline Extension (2010) $504,148.00     X            
Pinedale Chapter Powerline Extension (2010) $80,000.00     X            
San Felipe Purchase & Equip. School Bus $150,000.00   X              
Crownpoint Institute of Technology Internet to Hogan $500,000.00   X              
Dine College Library $5,000,000.00   X              
Indian Pueblo Cultural Center $95,000.00   X     X        
Ramah School Board Livestock Facility  $150,000.00   X              
Tobacco Cessation & Prevention Programs $249,000.00 X X              
Pueblo of Cochiti-Youth Language Program $30,000.00   X     X        
Pueblo of Isleta-Isleta Recreation Program $25,000.00 X X     X        
Pueblo of Jemez-Walatowa Visitors Center $30,000.00   X     X        
Santa Fe Indian School-Leadership Academy $275,000.00   X     X        
University of New Mexico, College of Education-Language Certification Program $25,000.00   X              
Jicarilla Apache Nation-Heritage Preservation Program $28,000.00   X     X        
Albuquerque Indian Center $135,000.00   X   X X