Contributors to the New Children's Cabinet!

Chair of Children’s Cabinet

Susana Martinez

Cabinet Members

Arthur Allison
Department of Indian Affairs

Tom Clifford, PhD
Finance and Administration

Yolanda Berumen- Deines
Children, Youth and Families

Gorden Eden
Department of Public Safety

Jose Garcia, PhD
Higher Education Department

Veronica Gonzales
Department Cultural Affairs

John Sanchez
Lieutenant Governor

Sidonie Squier
Human Services Department

Catherine Torres, MD
Department of Health

Gregg Marcantel
Corrections Department

Hanna Skandara
Public Education Department

The Children’s Cabinet wants to thank the following staff members who prepared the website submissions.

Out of System Adoption

  • Francine Anaya, CYFD
  • Mary Ellen Bearzi, CYFD

Infant Mortality Rate

  • Dan Haggard, CYFD
  • Bobby Lightle, HSD
  • Emelda Martinez, DOH
  • Dianne Rivera, DOH
  • Alexis Avery,DOH

Prescription Drug Abuse

  • Michael Landen, DOH

Childhood Obesity

  • Patty Morris, DOH
  • Tom Sharmen, DOH
  • Dan Haggard, CYFD

Reading Readiness

  • Leighann Lenti, PED
  • Dan Haggard, CYFD

Reducing Remedial Classes

  • Glenn Walters, HED

Governor’s Video

  • Enrique Knell, CYFD

The New Mexico Children’s Cabinet offers its gratitude to the Casey Family Programs for their technical and financial support in the creation of the Children’s Cabinet Website. The Children’s Cabinet would also like to acknowledge their critical role in fostering families and fostering change, nationally.

Lastly, we want to thank Real Time Solutions for the valuable partnership they have provided in creating a Children’s Cabinet website that will be a critical source of information in improving outcomes for children.